Legislative Branch

About the Legislative Branch

The Legislative Branch is the largest branch in the Student Association. Comprised of the General Assembly and Rules Committees, the Legislative Branch is responsible for voting on statute changes, budgetary requests, re-acknowledgements, appointments, and more. Students who are interested in serving in the Legislative Branch should contact Speaker of the Assembly Nathaniel Clark.

Members of the Legislative Branch

Nathaniel Clark – Speaker of the Assembly

Speaker of the Assembly - Nathaniel Clark

Class of 2017
Hometown: Fredonia, NY
Major(s): Psychology / Political Science
Email: saspeak@fredonia.edu
Fun Fact: Rumors of my existence have been greatly exaggerated

Office Hours: 
Monday: 3:00-5:00
Tuesday: 3:30-5:00
Wednesday: 3:00-4:20
Thursday: 11:00-12:20
Friday: 11:00-12:50, 3:00-4:00





  • Presiding Officer of the General Assembly
  • Responsible for establishing and maintaining an accurate, current, and dated public file of all passed legislation and resolutions
  • Responsible for representative assignments to committees, as well as appointees to college community committees
  • Responsible for setting the agenda for all Assembly meetings, as well as distribution
  • Responsible for creation of statutes and resolutions at request of Assembly
  • Liason between Assembly and SA Executives
  • Ex-Officio on all SA committee

Connor Aitcheson – Assistant Speaker

Class of 2018
Hometown: Dunkirk, NY
Major(s): Spanish Adolescence Education
Email: caitcheson@fredonia.edu
Fun Fact: I write poetry and stand-up comedy






  • Shall chair the Rules Committee 
  • Shall chair the Assembly in the absence of the Speaker 
  • Assist the Speaker in the formation of the Assembly agenda
  • Shall nominate and appoint member to the Rules Committee with the approval of the Assembly