Speaker of the Assembly

Tracy Halloran

Speaker of the Assembly


Personal Info:

  • Class of 2017
  • Email: Sa.Speaker@fredonia.edu (work); THalloran@fredonia.edu (personal)
  • Major: Communications: Public Relations
  • Minor: Leadership


  • Presiding officer of the Assembly
  • Responsible for establishing and maintaining an accurate, current, and dated public file of all passed legislation and resolutions
  • Responsible for chairing the Assembly Orientation committee
  • Responsible for representative assignments to committees, as well as appointees to college community committees
  • Responsible for setting the agenda for all Assembly meetings, as well as distribution
  • Responsible for nominating and appointing an Assistant Speaker, with Assembly approval
  • Responsible for chairing Rules committee until appointment of Assistant Speaker
  • Responsible for creation of statutes and resolutions at request of Assembly
  • Responsible for holding nine (9) hours per week
  • Responsible for attending Interoffice Board
  • Responsible for acquisition of extensive technical knowledge of the Constitution, Statutes, and policies of the Association
  • Liaison between Assembly and SA Executives
  • Ex-Officio on all SA committees

Additional Information:

Fredonia SA Parliamentary Procedure  Made Concise