General Assembly

The Student Association consists of all students of SUNY Fredonia. The Class Representatives are the voting members of the Student Association. For every 100 students there could be 1 representative. The Constituted Groups must attend all Student Association General Assembly meetings. The number of Consitituted Groups may vary from year-to-year. The President, Vice-President, Student Comptroller, and Chief Justice must attend all meetings and give a report. The President reports on the Administration, Vice-President on the student organization, Student Comptroller on the financial matters of both the Student Association and student organizations, and the Chief Justice on matters concerning the Judicial Branch.

We encourage anyone to come and voice their concerns during the meetings. 

Meeting Time: Thursdays at 5:30pm in G24 McEwen

If you need to get in contact your Class Representative, please refer to the “Meet Your Representatives” section on the front page!

SA General Assembly