Legislative Branch


The Legislative Branch is the largest branch in the Student Association. Comprised of the General Assembly and Rules Committees, the Legislative Branch is responsible for voting on statute changes, budgetary requests, re-acknowledgements, appointments, and more. Students who are interested in serving in the Legislative Branch should contact Speaker of the Assembly Nathaniel Clark.


Speaker of the Assembly: Nathaniel Clark

Personal Info :

Responsibilities :

  • Presiding Officer of the General Assembly
  • Responsible for establishing and maintaining an accurate, current, and dated public file of all passed legislation and resolutions
  • Responsible for chairing the Assembly Orientation committee
  • Responsible for representative assignments to committees, as well as appointees to college community committees
  • Responsible for setting the agenda for all Assembly meetings, as well as distribution
  • Responsible for nominating and appointing an Assistant Speaker, with Assembly approval
  • Responsible for chairing Rules committee until appointment of Assistant Speaker
  • Responsible for creation of statutes and resolutions at request of Assembly
  • Responsible for holding nine (9) hours per week
  • Responsible for attending Interoffice Board
  • Responsible for acquisition of extensive technical knowledge of the Constitution, Statutes, and policies of the Association
  • Liason between Assembly and SA Executives
  • Ex-Officio on all SA committees

Assistant Speaker of the Assembly: Mackenzie Smith

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Chair of Elections: 

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Responsibilities :

  • Responsible for all of the elections that take place in the Student Association. The committee regulates the elections, counts all of the votes, and ensures the parties running are campaigning in a just manner. If you are interested in joining this committee, please contact Brendan Hoare.


General Assembly

The Student Association consists of all students of SUNY Fredonia. The Class Representatives are the voting members of the Student Association. For every 100 students there could be 1 representative. The Constituted Groups must attend all Student Association General Assembly meetings. The number of Constituted Groups may vary from year-to-year. The President, Vice-President, Student Comptroller, and Chief Justice must attend all meetings and give a report. The President reports on the Administration, Vice-President on the student organization, Student Comptroller on the financial matters of both the Student Association and student organizations, and the Chief Justice on matters concerning the Judicial Branch.

We encourage anyone to come and voice their concerns during the meetings. 

Meeting Time: Thursdays at 5:30pm in G26 McEwen

Rules Committee

The Rules Committee is responsible for the formulation and review of all proposed legislation including constitutions, charters, and acknowledgements. The Rules Committee is also responsible for the formulation and review of all proposed appointments, and Assembly Rules of Procedure. Items which are passed in the Rules Committee are brought to the General Assembly under the Consent Agenda, while items that fail in the Rules Committee are brought to the General Assembly under the report of the Speaker and require a 2/3 majority vote to succeed.

  • Nathaniel Clark – Speaker of the Assembly; Chair
  • Mackenzie Smith - Assistant Speaker of the Assembly
  • Mark Monsegur – Member
  • Christian Franco - Member
  • Bridget Doyle - Member
  • Tommy Lineres - Member

Meeting Time: Mondays at 6:00pm in G103B Williams Center

Meet Your Representatives

As a representative assembly, each class has its own Class Representatives consisting of the Class President as well as other representatives that you, the students, vote for! Class is determined by the number of credit hours the student has earned.

To find your Class’ President or  representative, please refer to the following links:


If you are interested in becoming a Class representative talk to one of your class reps or Contact the Speaker of the Assembly