Judicial Branch


General Information:

The mission of the Student Association is to promote the general welfare of the students of SUNY Fredonia, enhance student life on campus, and represent the interests of the student body as Fredonia’s student government. Acting within that mission is the Judicial Branch composed of the Supreme Court, the Enforcement review board, and Student Advocates.

Complaint Form

If you would like to file a formal complaint against someone, or a group of people, for violating the Student Association Constitution and/or your group constitution, please fill out our online complaint form. YOU CAN REMAIN ANONYMOUS IF YOU WISH! Filling out your name and/or email is completely optional and will not be a requirement to fill out the form.

Complaint Form Page

Chief Justice: John Weaver

Personal Info:


  • Act as Chief Officer of the Judicial Branch
  • Act as Chairperson of the Supreme Court and the Enforcement Review Board
  • Have an extensive and thorough working knowledge of the Constitution and Statutes of the Association
  • Act as principle adviser to all officers and representatives of the Association on matters involving the Constitution and Statutes
  • Act as liaison to the Supreme Court concerning matters of the Association, and to the Assembly concerning matters of the Supreme Court.
  • Appoint all Justices to the Court, with the approval of the Assembly

Supreme Court

The Supreme Court shall hear and render a decision on any charges filed against any individual or organization within the Student Association. This court shall also be an interpretive body of the Constitution, Statutes of the Association and the doctrines of recognized groups. They shall also hear cases determining the legality of legislation proposed to and/or passed by the General Assembly.

The Supreme Court consists of the Chief Justice and six other students who serve as Justices. These students can not hold any other position within the Student Association, and serve for an unlimited term while they are students, and until such a time as they resign, are impeached, or otherwise removed from office.

More information on the Supreme Court can be found within the J-statues of the Student Association’s Constitution and Statutes.


The Supreme Court currently consists of:

Chief Justice John Weaver
Justice Bill Bradley
Justice Nate Winn