Jefferson Dedrick

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Personal Info:

  • Class of 2017
  • Email: (work); (personal)
  • Majors: Adolescent Education: Social Studies & History
  • Minor: Political Science


  • Official representative and spokesperson of the Association
  • Nominate and appoint student members to all bodies created within the college community, such as FSA Board of Directors, University Senate and affiliated committees, Student Association Executive Committee Chairpersons, etc.
  • Chair of Interoffice Board Meetings of the Student Association
  • Appoint students to cabinet positions each representing a specific group on campus that may not be represented already by the Association. Chair weekly Cabinet meetings.
  • Is a delegate to the SUNY Student Assembly and attends two state-wide conferences with delegates from all SUNY schools.
  • Holds a seat on: Fredonia College Council, President’s Student Cabinet, University Senate, Academic Affairs Committee, and Student Affairs Committee.