Executive Departments

The Chair of Public Relations publicizes and promotes all Association events and activities.  He/she shall aid in the promotion of any event put on by a SA Group, if requested.  If interested in joining the Public Relations Committee, please contact, Chairperson T

The Chair of Student Relations serves a liason between the Academic Affairs Department and the President of the Student Association. He/she shall strive to create innovation in the academic framework, improving relations between Academic Affairs and the student body as well as working actively to make academic policy and guidelines more favorable to the student body. If interested in joining the Student Relations Committee, please contact, Chairperson

The Chair of Community Relations is charged with the responsibility of keeping constant communication between the Student Association and the community outside of campus. One way this is achieved is by serving on the Campus Community Coalition.The Chair shall also maintain an active committee which is comprised of Representatives and non-Representative students. The committee meets at the discretion of the chair. The Chair also is an important part of the President of the Student Association’s cabinet. The Chair is involved in discussion and decision making while advising the President. The Chair also shall give a presentation on what the committee is working on at the weekly General Assembly meeting. If interested in joining the Community Relations Committee, please contact, Chairperson

The Chair of Environmental Affairs

The Chair of Diversity Relations

The Chair of Elections is responsible for all of the elections that take place in the Student Association. The committee regulates the elections, counts all of the votes, and ensures the parties running are campaigning in a just manner. If you are interested in joining this committee, please contact