Frequently Asked Questions

Returning Members (Club Leaders)

What is the connection between my club and the Student Association?
The Student Association governs and funds 170+ clubs on campus. Being a member of any of these clubs requires a close connection to the Student Association, as they manage the recognition, budget, and expectations of each group on campus.

What are the responsibilities of a club recognized by the student association?

  • All groups must attend Fall and Spring Summit.
  • Every academic year, all clubs are subject to re-recognition where they must attend the Rules Meeting
  • Every academic year, all constituted clubs are subject to propose a budget for the next fiscal year through the Budgets and Appropriations Committee and GA Day.
  • The responsibilities of a club vary by level of recognition(see below for more)

What is Summit/Why should I be at Summit?

Summit is run by the Vice President of the Student Association, one time per semester. During this time, all of the executives will present valuable information about how your group works with SA. The President and Treasurer of every group are required to attend.

This meeting will also provide you an understanding of how to use specific paperwork in the office to make sure that your events and activities run smoothly. The information presented at Summit should be taken back the e-board of your respective club.

Different levels of Recognition: 

Please refer to the following link.

What happens if I fail to abide by SA’s rules and get sent to court?

If you fail to turn in paperwork and required materials on time, then you can potentially have your club de-recognized or your account frozen. It is up to the jurisdiction of the Chief Justice and the Supreme Court to determine any subsequent actions to be taken for a violation.

How can I get re-recognized through the rules committee?

During your month of re-recognition, a form will be placed in your club’s mailbox. This form must be turned in to the Speaker of the Assembly by the date listed or your group will not be able to start their process for another week.

Once you turn in the form, your group is expected to attend the Rules meeting and be able to justify why your group fits into the level of recognition that you are requesting.

How can I get money through the B&A committee?

Provisional, Acknowledged, and Chartered Groups: Turn in a blue form to the SA Comptroller’s mailbox. If your request is over $250 then you will have to attend the Budgets and Appropriations Meeting as well as the General Assembly meeting to justify your need for funds.

Where is the event worksheet form?

The event worksheet form can be found on the Student Association website under the tab labeled “Event Worksheet From”. You can then fill out the form and submit it electronically. Paper copy of event worksheet is also available through the website or at the student association office.

Who can I talk to if I have a question?

You can always contact one of the SA Executives through the Contact Us page.

If you are unsure who to talk to, take a look at our 3 branches and learn what each executive is in charge of.

When are the meetings?

The Budget and Appropriations Committee meets on Mondays at 4:00 p.m. in room G103B in the Williams Center.

The Rules Committee meets Mondays at 6:00 p.m. in room G103B in the Williams Center.

The Supreme Court meets Mondays at 8:00 p.m. in room G103B in the Williams Center.

The General Assembly meets on Thursdays at 5:30 p.m. in room G26 in McEwen.

New to the Student Association

Where is the SA office located?

The Student Association’s office is located in room G107 on the first floor of the Williams Center. When entering the main area of the office, the left side of the room is devoted to the Student Association. The Executives can be found here, as well as the mailboxes for all 180+ student groups.  

Why is SA important?

The Student Association is the governing body of all student clubs and organizations on campus. Additionally, they serve as the direct line of communication between students and the administration, and students and the SUNYSA governing body.

How can I be a Class Rep/President ?

  • To become a Class Representative, you must first sign the Election book at the beginning of the fall semester. Once you have signed the Election book, you are officially on the ballot for the fall elections that take place outside of Tim Horton’s in the Williams Center. If you are elected as a Class Representative, you are required to attend the General Body meetings that are held at 5:30 on Thursdays in McEwen Hall, room G26. Lastly, you have to join a committee. There are 8 committees within the Student Association. As a Class Representative, you are required to be a part of at least one committee.
  • If you missed the deadline for the elections, you can still become a Class Representative. To become a Class Representative later in the semester, contact the Speaker of the Assembly at SA.Speaker@fredonia.edu or through the Contact Us page.
  • If you have any more questions about becoming a Class Representative, email the Speaker of the Assembly or visit the SA office for further information.