About SA


The Fredonia Student Association is a government of the students, for the students, and by the students of SUNY Fredonia, and is completely funded by the mandatory student activity fee of $95 included with school tuition.

The Fredonia Student Association was established in 1963.

The mission of the Student Association is to promote the general welfare of the students of SUNY Fredonia, enhance student life on campus, and represent the interest of the student body as Fredonia’s student government.

There are various ways to become involved on campus. A student can join an existing group, start a new one, or join the Student Association! The Student Association consists of Class Representatives, Court Justices, committee members, Executives, and Executive Committee Chairs. To learn more about how to get involved, stop by the SA Office and speak with one of our executives, or send an email to sa.president@fredonia.edu

 How to Start a Group

SA currently has approximately 160 active groups. These groups include honors societies, athletic teams, greek life, music groups, professional development, and many others. If you are interested in starting a new group on campus, stop in the SA office to speak with the Speaker of the Assembly or the Vice President. They will give you the proper forms to complete and go over the process.

A new group will be required to fill out a “New Group Form” and create a Group Doctrine. Sample forms can be seen below. These forms are due in the Speaker of the Assembly’s mailbox by Friday. A representative from the perspective group will be required to attend the Rules Committee Meeting in G 107A in the Williams Center at 7pm on the Monday following the submission of the form. If passed at the Rules Committee, the group will then be forwarded to the General Assembly for final approval on Thursday at 5:30pm in G24 McEwen.

If you have any questions, please email the Speaker of the Assembly.